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Not on my porch: How to avoid package theft

For all the convenience that ordering online gives us, there is an unfortunate downside – our delivery may be taken by someone else before we’re able to get our hands on it. Package theft, especially around the holidays, is a growing inconvenience for many consumers. Approximately 26 million Americans say they’ve experienced a package theft, with… Read More »

Tips for Tying The Insurance Knot

Invitations? Check. Rings? Check. Honeymoon reservations? Check. Insurance policies? Um, what? We get it. If you’re planning a wedding, insurance considerations likely aren’t at the top of your honey-do list. But when you gather together to join two lives, you’re also creating a legal union that will merge all your assets, finances, taxes and—if you… Read More »

5 Best Insurance Tips for Millennials

Adulting (verb) – acting like an adult or engaging in activities usually associated with adulthood, often responsible or boring tasks.1 If you’re a millennial, you know this definition all too well. You’ve reached the age where you may be taking out student loans, buying or renting a place to live, having kids and, ultimately, purchasing… Read More »